Introduction to the Island

The Commonwealth of Dominica is one of the most breathtaking islands in the Caribbean, named the Nature Island for its unspoiled natural beauty, a biodiversity hotspot, the island enjoys strong government commitment to protecting its resources and encouraging ecotourism projects. Whale watchers, hikers and scuba divers – nature lovers from around the world head to Dominica to discover the unspoiled beauty of this Caribbean jewel.

The Nature Isle

Dominica has been called one of the world’s happiest countries to live – this tranquil and safe island is home to a great number of centurions (people over 100 years old) – proof to its positive quality of life. Dominica is quickly growing into a significant global financial hub and one of the biggest banking centres in the region, with substantial investment made in expanding its offshore banking sector and administrative framework.

The Program

This highly reputable and lucrative Citizenship program has been in operation since 1993 and is legally guaranteed by Dominican law. The Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program enables an applicant to gain full, legal citizenship for themselves and their family, through making an economic contribution to the country. Your second citizenship may not be revoked, regardless of changes of governmental policy and is passed down to future generations.


There are two main pathways to obtain Citizenship in the country. The first is a non refundable donation to the Government – Economic Diversification Fund and the second is by investment into a Government approved Real Estate Project.


✓ Travel Visa Free to Over 120+ Countries (EU, UK, HK etc)
✓ 0% Personal Tax Rate
✓ Confidential and Anonymous Process
✓ Easy to Obtain SSN, Tax ID, Proof of Address and Offshore Companies
✓ Lifetime Citizenship
✓ No Residency or Visit Requirements


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