Thomas. Jefferson Associates (TJA) can assist you and your family with obtaining a second passport.

Why get a second Passport?
Because it can save your life. We’re serious. With uncertain times ahead, there isn’t a better time to consider a second passport.

In addition, second passports are associated with the notion that no government should have absolute power and control over you and your family’s lives and assets. Therefore, if you do not have a second passport, you are essentially allowing your government to have this absolute power and control over you and your family’s lives and assets.

During World War II, many displaced by the great war were not fortunate enough to obtain diplomatic protection and resettlement in a new country.

For those who were fortunate enough, you can bet that they had a second passport.

Other reasons include:

  • Tax implications
  • Convenience with visas and travel movement
  • Spare passport handy if you left one at home on the way to the airport
  • Get away from your mother-in-law
  • Because you can!

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