Regulating the Immigration Industry

The practice of providing immigration related services and advice has been regulated by the government in Australia since the late 90’s and by New Zealand a few years ago.

A Reality Check

Whilst the industry has been cleaned up since introduction of regulations for advisers, the fact is, stories of rogue agents and lawyers defrauding vulnerable migrants are still not unheard of.

Just last week, the media reported a case of a migrant family being conned tens of thousands of dollars by a rogue agent. On a regular basis, we at TJA have also witnessed clients’ request for change of representatives after having their application delayed and made a mess of.

Who Would You Entrust?

Therefore, we are posing this fundamental question. There are no shortage of supplies of:

  • #clueless #lawyers who have never dealt with the practice of immigration law;
  • happy go lucky #migration #agents who will be out of reach when you need help from them;
  • #agents or #lawyers who will distort the truth and advice you and tell you everything about nothing just to entice you; OR
  • A professional Thomas. Jefferson Associates Consultant, an ex immigration officer, turned lawyer and specialising in the practice of immigration law

The choice is in your hands.


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