Cryptocurrency settlements: Bitcoin

Transaction fees eliminated. Payment delays and traditional banks are a thing of the past.

As an international company with clients globally, a payment solution which is cost-effective and accessible universally is a must.

Why we accept Bitcoin as a currency?

Bitcoin boasts the largest and most well-known marketplace. Simple as that.


How to pay by Bitcoin?

We are registered with, and accepting Bitcoin via bitpay‘s platform. Settlements are made in New Zealand dollars into our bank account in New Zealand.

As the value of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin fluctuates heavily, option of payment by Bitcoin will not be included in your invoice unless payment via Bitcoin has been selected as your preferred payment method.

We then convert your payment method to Bitcoin and a revised payment method and amount (in BTC, or Bitcoin) will be shown, along with a limited time span to complete the transaction.

Payments not made within the stipulated timeframe must be made known to us immediately. Please note that all orders fully paid by Bitcoin is final and cannot be returned

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