New Pathway to Residence to New Zealand:

Global Impact Visa Programme (GIVs)

“Immigration New Zealand is partnering with the Edmund Hillary Fellowship (EHF) to deliver an innovative new immigration product for high impact entrepreneurs, investors, and start-up teams.”

From early 2017, Immigration New Zealand will will be introducing to provide a two-step pathway to residence.

A participant in the Global Impact Visa programme will first be eligible for a three-year Work-to-Residence visa and then for a permanent resident visa, after they have been in the programme for 30 months.

The Global Impact Visa (GIVs) will bring up to 400 individual pioneering entrepreneurs and investors to create and support innovation-based ventures and startup teams from New Zealand.

GIVs will initially be run as a four-year pilot.

To be eligible for a Global Impact Visa, Fellows must be accepted into the EHF and be able to satisfy English language, health and character requirements and have sufficient funds to support themselves.

Participation in the programme gives Fellows:

  • Direct connections to entrepreneurship and investment communities across New Zealand and major innovation hubs around the world
  • Access to local test markets and infrastructures to prototype new ideas for fast feedback
  • Connection to centres of excellence in different regions of New Zealand
  • Access to a supportive global network of investors, advisors, partners and mentors
  • Regular events, demo days, learning and sharing opportunities, and a platform to tell their story
  • Settlement support for Fellows and immediate family
  • Access to investment and scaling opportunities in New Zealand and overseas
  • Access to top talent, universities, accelerators and incubators, information about investment and Research & Development grants.

In return, Fellows are expected to contribute towards New Zealand entrepreneurship ecosystems and actively work on, or invest in, ventures within New Zealand that have the potential for widespread global impact.

In addition to the 400 visas, up to 80 New Zealand entrepreneurs and investors will be accepted into EHF over the four years, providing the opportunity for collaboration between GIVs migrants and New Zealand entrepreneurs and investors.

More information can be found on EHF’s website.

About the GIVs

What is GIVs

GIVs is a new immigration policy designed to attract talented and innovative entrepreneurs, investors and start-up teams with the drive and capabilities to create innovation-based ventures in New Zealand.

Successful applicants will be provided with the right support to rapidly operate effectively within the New Zealand business environment. A permanent resident visa will be granted after three years, subject to conditions that must be met by the migrant entrepreneurs.

Who GIVs policy is targeting

The policy is designed to attract those with the drive and capability to launch global ventures from New Zealand who may not be able to qualify for other visa categories. They will have the combination of drive, risk appetite and global connections enabling them to launch or significantly contribute to successful innovation-based ventures in New Zealand.

Why GIVs is being delivered in partnership with the private sector

To bring the best entrepreneurs to New Zealand, Government is partnering with local and international experts in innovation, entrepreneurship and investment. By leveraging private sector strengths and knowledge in this space we are better positioned to accelerate innovation and grow New Zealand for all.

About the Edmund Hillary Fellowship

EHF is a collaboration between the Hillary Institute for International Leadership, a not-for-profit organisation that identifies and celebrates mid-career leaders from around the world and Kiwi Connect, an organisation promoting and connecting high-impact entrepreneurship in New Zealand.

EHF has been designed as an end-to-end programme that gives entrepreneurs, startup teams and investors a platform to incubate and grow innovative ventures.

The GIVs selection process – how it works

EHF will be responsible for identifying entrepreneurs who could have a significant impact on New Zealand’s innovation system, whilst Immigration New Zealand will be responsible for processing and making decisions on visas. To be eligible for a Global Impact Visa, applicants must first obtain entry into EHF’s programme.

Eligibility for the Global Impact Visa

Eligibility for the Global Impact Visa will be conditional on meeting a number of criteria. Selected applicants will be assessed on the basis of their acceptance into EHF’s programme, English language, health and character, and having sufficient funds to support themselves.

GIVs launch date

EHF’s programme will be launched in early 2017.

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