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We are a cloud-based professional consulting firm. Serviced by a small but efficient team of professional consultants, we pride ourselves with our combined knowledge encompassing many jurisdictions within the Asia-Pacific region.


Each of our core sectors are headed by consultants who are legal and accounting  professionals qualified in multiple jurisdictions, such as Australia, China, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore and United Kingdom.


Our consultants are leading specialists within each of the core sectors:


  1. Citizenship and Immigration via Business Investments
    All aspects of Australian and New Zealand immigration matters for corporates, SMEs and individuals
  2. Offshore Corporate Services (IBCs)
    Corporate and professional company services for International Business Corporates (IBCs) in multiple jurisdictions
  3. Citizenship Investment Advisory
    Obtain second passports (citizenship) via government investments schemes to the European Union, Caribbean and Asia Pacific nations
  4. Professional Advisory
    Consultation on business establishments, start-ups and cross-border commercial activities
  5. Compliance Consulting
    Establishing ‘best practice’ frameworks and integrating  appropriate protocols seamlessly with your business in accordance to jurisdiction specific regulations



唐麦斯. 爵茀森顾问有限公司



  1. 移民
  2. 离岸公司服务
  3. 公民投资咨询
  4. 专业咨询
  5. 合规性咨询


Our clients: